LogTag has been designed to meet growing demand for cost effective electronic environmental recording solutions.

Combining state of the art technology, innovative design and high volume manufacturing techniques, the Logtag system provides the most cost effective, high performance temperature data logging system available for today's market. LogTags are designed and manufactured by LogTag Recorders Ltd, based in New Zealand.

LogTagData.com is a solution in partnership with LogTag Recorders Ltd which enables data to be viewed immediately when it has been downloaded at its destination.

The drive behind LogTagData.com development has been ease of use, a receiver of LogTag Recorders has to do nothing more than cradle the Recorder. The information is automatically transmitted to LogTagData.com and made available to the relevant customer/supplier on a secure website.

This process takes a matter of seconds and will ensure through the ease of use that the hassle associated with returning the correct data to the correct customers/suppliers is no longer an issue. Bunches of LogTags can be downloaded at a time and LogTagData.com will manage the information.